Onion Powder

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Onion Powder

Product Name:Onion Powder

Characters:Pink, yellow and white powder with characteristic taste and smell of raw materials

Function:Onion powder is a condiment made from fresh onion by multiple processes. It not only retains the rich aroma and nutritional value of fresh Onions, but also has the characteristics of easy storage, carrying and use. Onion powder is rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, as well as dietary fiber and a variety of antioxidant substances, which has a certain health care effect on enhancing immunity, reducing blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It can be widely used in various fields.


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Product Description

Our Advantage

  • High quality product

  • Optimum raw materials, selected materials without impurities

  • The powder is loose, no agglomeration, and no impurities visible to the naked eye

  • Pass 100 mesh sieve

  • Humidity less than 6%

  • No additives.

Organic cultivation,strict control of heavy metal pollution, There is no industrial pollution around the living environment of our raw materials, and the content of heavy metals and microorganisms is strictly controlled, and the heavy metals are less than 10PPM.

It is grown in an organic greenhouse with good quality and can provide organic certiicates,colony safety, The total number of colonies<1000,the mold is less than 100cfu/g, No pesticide residues,no salmonella,no E.coli,safer products, various drying processes are optiona.

Feezedyng process,maximizing inhibition of microbial reproduction, maintaining the original taste, color,and nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, spray drying, good instant solubility, can be directly used as beverage infusion,almost no precipitation, strict control of temperature and time, effectively prevent batch differences in extracts,and provide extracts with stable properties.

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