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Qingdao Huineng Biotech Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Chiti Biotechnology Co., Ltd.was established in 2013 and now has become a large-scale biotechnology company integrating product development, production and sales, covering up to 500 kinds of dietary supplements, food additives and Chinese herbal extracts.

Founded in 2013
One goal: all for health
Products are sold to 6 continents
Products are sold to more than 40 countries
More than 30 patents
Services We Offer
Innovation Chiti

Chiti is committed to creating new roles in chemistry and combining economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Responsible Chiti

Through science and innovation, we help customers from all walks of life meet the needs of current and future social development.

Efficient Chiti

Stable Operation, Sustainable DevelopmentMarket Orientation, Customer First.

Why Choose Us?

multi-language support, you can always find the communication method you like.

High-quality products, each batch of products will undergo strict testing, HPLC testing and CPC testing to ensure that each product is qualified.

Professional after-sales service, logistics tracking, reminder of arrival of goods.

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