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Chiti not only provides high quality and competitive price attracts customers all over the world, including many well-known supplement brands and private label manufacturers, but also is famous for its OEM, for example, in terms of customizing product, label, packaging etc. In particular, we provide certificates as long as customers need them.

As for products, like spirulina, collagen peptide ,fruit and vegetable powder, vitamin and so on. We can make them into capsule, tablet and even gummies.

We can provide liquid drinks that have different kind of functions, including fruit flavour juice, functional drinks that contain creatine, collagen peptides, spirulina, coffee and so on.

As for gummy candies, it is becoming more and more popular now. We have so many kind of gummy candies, like the creatine gummies, mushroom gummies, collagen gummies, beet gummies and fruit gummies, etc.

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