A Sweetener With High Development Potential——Sucralose

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A Sweetener With High Development Potential——Sucralose
April 26, 2024

Sucralose is a high-power sweetener commonly known as sucralose. It is also a functional sweetener made from sucrose. Speaking of sucralose, perhaps many people have not heard of, but sucralose are always present in people's side, and closely related to life. So What's a sucralose? What are the applications of sucralose in food?

Sucralose, a flavoring discovered in the 1970s, is a white powder with an odorless, hygroscopic property that is highly soluble in water. It is a purified substance called sucralose because it has a physical factor similar to that of sucrose.

The addition of sucralose in food preparation can effectively increase the sweetness of food and thus promote the appetite of the human body. The sugar molecules in sucralose are stable and can be used as an additive in dairy products for diabetics, can also be used in all kinds of desserts, dairy products, sugar paddles and other food processing.

The growing use of sucralose is largely due to its obvious advantages:

·Sucralose was safe and had no side effects. AD was 15mg/kg.

·Sucralose has a high sweetness and is one of the most successful sweeteners in R & D projects. It is about 600 times sweeter than sucrose and is even sweeter than Aspartame, no post-bitter taste of sucrose.

·The sucralose properties and self-properties are relatively stable, and the crystallized product will be stored for about 4A in a 20℃dry environment. The material itself does not contain chemical active groups, and other substances have a small probability of chemical reaction, can be used in food ingredients processing system.

·The sucralose aqueous solution is chemically stable and does not react with protein and pectin in foods.

Application of sucralose in food

The sucralose is more stable and should be added in any process according to the actual needs of the factory. It is not only convenient to use, but also has a better overall effect. For the content analysis of sucralose, the High-performance liquid chromatography method should be used to directly determine the relevant data and information. The use of sucralose in food processing in line with market trends requires a high level of attention by product supervisors.


The application of sucralose in alcohol or alcoholic beverages has a good effect. Adding a small amount of sucralose can improve the taste of alcoholic beverages, can effectively mask the original sour and astringency of alcohol, and improve the taste of alcohol, the wine is harmonious and does not have a bad smell. As the sucralose is relatively stable, it will not react with other substances and will not affect the transparency, color and aroma of the beverage. In addition, the sucralose can be heated, sterilized and stored for a long time without degradation or dechlorination. Therefore, the application of sucralose as a sweetener in beverage production can satisfy the use and circulation management.

Baked goods

Due to its high temperature tolerance and low calorific value, sucralose are widely used in baked goods. The sweetness of sucralose products heated at high temperature does not change and there is no measurable loss, it is common to add sucralose to baked goods and confectionery. It is important to note that the sucralose itself contains no calories and is difficult to absorb high-potency sweeteners, so it does not directly contribute to people's problems such as obesity. It can be used in sugar-filled foods such as desserts to reduce the calories in food on the basis of guaranteeing the taste.

Candied food

The sucralose should be used in candied foods and the dosage should be controlled at 0.15 GKG. It is mainly due to the good permeability of the sucralose, which ensures sweetness while avoiding other reactions.

As an important sweetener, sucralose is actively exploited and integrated according to its characteristics to keep pace with the development trend and provide protection for the comprehensive upgrading of food processing.

The sucralose has been approved for use in more than 30 countries and is used in more than 400 foods, including beverages, chewing gum, frozen confections, ice cream, jelly and syrup, moreover, this application trend is still expanding and continuing, pending approval of the use of food will increase year by year. If your company needs to develop a sucralose business, please contact us through the “Customer Service” section of the website and we will provide you with professional services.

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