Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute Was Officially Approved For Establishment

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Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute Was Officially Approved For Establishment
April 26, 2024

Dragon's auspiciousness, success reports are always spreading!

Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute was officially approved for establishment.

Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute, invested by Qingdao Huineng Biotech Co., Ltd. and relying on the School of Biomedical Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was founded by Professor Ye Yuru, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an outstanding bio-medicine scientist with a high reputation in the international academic community as the Honorary President, and jointly founded with a number of first-class experts and scholars in the international arena.


Aiming at the world's scientific and technological frontiers and starting from a high point, Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute pays attention to the highly cross- integrated research of food science, life science, medicine and other subjects, and in the fields of food nutrition, food preservation and food safety, it focuses on solving the problem of discovering nutritional and functional ingredients of medicinal and foodstuffs, evaluating the efficacy of these ingredients and product development, researching and developing food safety and metabolic marker detection technology, and researching on the development of new intelligent food packaging material and its precise regulation of the quality of freshness preservation.

The establishment of Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute will give full play to the resource advantages of the university and enterprises, promote the organic convergence and in-depth integration of the innovation chain, talent chain and industrial chain, and strive to create a " reservoir " of talent convergence, " highland " of scientific and technological innovation, " base " of results transformation, " platform " of exchange and cooperation, " model " of mechanism innovation. Following the new cooperation paradigm of "platform co-construction, talent co-education, R&D co-promotion and result sharing", we will continue to build an excellent ecology for the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research, join hands to walk out of the development path of industry-education fusion, collaborative education, co-innovation and mutual promotion and co-promotion, accelerate the development of the trinity of integration of education, science and technology, and talent, as well as promote the in-depth integration of the education chain, the talent chain, the innovation chain, and the industrial chain.

From blaze a trail to lay the foundation of the industry, from the ambition to establish a business to today's industry leader, now Qingdao Huineng Biotech Co., Ltd. is full of energy, full of ambition, the establishment of overseas warehouses, the formation of overseas offices (branches), the creation of research institutes ...... In the prime of the year to strive to move forward perseverance, knowledge and practice in order to achieve the goal. Qingdao Huineng is making great efforts in the grand journey and sailing again!

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