Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear

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Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear
May 23, 2024

With the coming of the summer heat wave, refreshing drinks have become the focus of people's pursuit. At the same time, the growing focus on healthy eating has led to an increasing number of consumers opting for natural, addition-free foods and beverages. Therefore, in this hot season, a pure taste, natural and healthy orange juice is undoubtedly the best choice to cool down.

As a company specializing in the food and wellness sector, such as health drinks, Chiti understands the quality demands of consumers, which is why we have launched the new "Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear", a true natural orange juice drink. It will bring you a double feast of sight and taste, so that you can feel the perfect fusion of cool and delicious in the hot summer.

· What is Chiti Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear

Chiti Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Clear is made from Chiti's carefully selected high-quality oranges, pulping in a clean environment through advanced freeze concentration technology (rapid freezing at -38℃ followed by freezing at -18). The whole process from pulping to quick-freezing is completed in 30 minutes. To the greatest extent, it retains the natural flavor and rich nutrition of oranges. Every drop of "Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear" contains the gift of nature, so that you can taste delicious at the same time, but also feel healthy nourishment.

· Advantages of Chiti Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear

1. Sweet and sour orange flavor

In order to pursue taste, many orange juice drinks on the market often add a lot of sugar and flavor, which not only destroys the natural taste of oranges, but also may pose a potential threat to the health of consumers. Chiti frozen concentrated orange Juice is different, we insist on not adding any artificial additives such as sugar and flavor, and strive to restore the natural sweet and sour of oranges, so that you can feel the taste of nature when you taste every bite of orange juice.

2. Crisp taste

Traditional orange juice drinks add too many ingredients, resulting in cloudy taste, drink not fresh enough. Chiti Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Clear, by freezing concentrated technology, removes water and impurities in orange juice, making the taste of orange juice clearer. Each sip of orange juice will give you a spring-clear taste that will cool your taste buds on a hot summer day.

3. Clear solution

In the process of dissolving orange juice, its color and transparency are important indicators to measure the quality. Many orange juice drinks on the market will appear dark color and suspended matter when dissolved, which not only affects the taste of orange juice, but also may make consumers doubt the quality of the product. Chiti Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Clear  through strict process control, to ensure that the orange juice in the dissolution process bright color, high transparency, more than most products in the market. When you pour Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Clear into the glass, you will see a jewel-like crystal clear liquid, so that you can taste the delicious taste, but also enjoy the visual feast.

Also, unlike other orange juice drinks, Chiti Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Clear is better for the body to absorb. Scientists have found that the body absorbs more antioxidants from thawed orange juice than from fresh or pasteurized orange juice. When orange juice is frozen and thawed, its health-giving components are broken down into smaller particles that are easier for the gut to absorb. In this regard, the University of Seville also carried out a special study to investigate the effect of freezing or pasteurizing orange juice on its antioxidant components, which effectively confirmed the conclusion.

Grab a glass of orange juice from Chiti Frozen Orange Concentrate Clear! Feel the instant burst of vitamin C and sunshine positive energy, as if you are in the orange garden, enjoying the gift of nature. It's not just orange juice, it's our pursuit of quality of life, our love of natural taste. Let this unique Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Clear become a bright color in your life, inject infinite vitality into every day, come and join us to taste this different!

If you want to know more about Chiti Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Clear, feel free to contact Chiti.

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