New Year's Eve - Love At CHITI

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New Year's Eve - Love At CHITI
April 26, 2024

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, CHITI would like to extend its most sincere greetings and heartfelt blessings to our customers and friends who have always supported and paid attention to us!

The time is silent, but always witnessing. Looking back on the past 2023, CHITI has strengthened itself, made unremitting efforts, and made great progress in the field of biotechnology.

CHITI has a more professional attitude and focuses on the essence of the product. We continue to increase investment in R&D, promote innovation, and are committed to providing customers with better, safer, and more effective products and solutions. With the joint efforts of all employees, our business has achieved significant growth, our product lines have been continuously enriched, and our market share has continued to expand.

The company has professionally experienced and highly responsible drug analysts to carry out daily analysis and testing work, and the testing capabilities and levels can meet the requirements of national pharmacopoeias and customers. The laboratory has internationally leading analytical instruments,including high-performance liquid chromatography,gas chromatograph, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, Fourier infrared spectrophotometer and automatic positioning titrator, etc., which can meet various requirements for production and for accessories and products testing.CHITI has still become an "expert" in terms of professional and technical capabilities.

2023 is a landmark year for CHITI, and CHITI’s global layout has reached a new level.The company's "Four Overseas Warehouse and One Overseas Office " overseas market expansion model, which took three years to build.Canada Office was officially established.Huineng Biotechnology Research Institute was officially approved for establishment. CHITI decisively carries out market strategic layout with a global perspective, adopts a series of major measures, actively pursues innovation and progress, adapts to difficulties, goes deep and solid in the target market, and prepares for the market to explode in a timely manner, and let "Good health, Chiti made." be sung in the larger business map!

The journey is long, but the journey is steady and far-reaching. In the new year, we will continue to implement the concept of "technological innovation and serve the society", continuously strengthen technology research and development, improve product quality, and better meet customer needs. We look forward to working with CHITI’s global customers, partners, and all employees to forge ahead in the new year to create a better future, build a long-term sustainable development career, and create a better life. Finally, let warm wishes, happy thoughts and friendly blessings be by your side as the Lunar New Year approaches!

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